Heroes, or villains in disguise?

In this article titled, George Mason University becomes a favorite of Charles Koch by Matthew Barakat, he talks about the connection between the Koch Brothers and the university. This connections goes back to Richard Fink, who is on the board for Mercatus and HIS (Barakat). This bond between the two has been in motion ever since the early 1970s, causing some suspicion in reference to the overwhelming donations from the Koch Brothers over the years. Even though President Cabrera is in support of these ties and the donations that are given to the school, there are others out there that are very concerned with the academic integrity. The main concern for the school that is addressed within this article is the fact that there is a money gap in some areas of the school. With these donations in play, the money gap gets smaller making the Koch Brothers seem like heroes, when in fact they play a role in which material is learned and how teachers go about in their classroom. http://bigstory.ap.org/article/613470e79eb64a5f9a4880996e0fd7c5/george-mason-university-becomes-favorite-charles-koch


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